Reusable Modules

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On Screen Keyboard Manager

Swift iOS UI CocoaPods

Showing and hiding the on-screen keyboard is always a headache in mobile app development. This keyboard manager will come to your rescue. Only a few lines of code will saves you hours of work in every project that uses text input.

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Enhanced NSLayoutConstraint

Swift iOS UI CocoaPods

HKNSLayoutConstraint enhances NSLayoutConstraint by allowing these calculation methods for its constant:

  • X-axis and Y-axis as a percentage of another dimension
  • As a percentage of the device screen size
  • As a percentage of the width, height, shorter edge or longer edge of the device screen or another item

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NSLayoutConstraint Shorthands

Swift iOS UI CocoaPods

This module provides shorthands that reduces the amount of code and improves readability for programmatic NSLayoutConstraint creation.

See the README file for complete documentation.

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Enhanced UIView, UILabel, UIButton, UIImageView

Swift iOS UI CocoaPods

A collection of enhanced UI elements that provide dynamic font sizing, dynamic corner radius calculation and appearance customizations.

See individual README files for complete documentation.

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